Digitalisation Consulting Services

Project Management, Systems Development, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Security Engineering

Who we are

DALSEC is a Swedish consulting and solutions company providing digitalisation services to organisations with high requirements for security.

Services includes IT Project Management, Systems and Software Development and Cyber Security.

DALSEC was established 2001 and has since provided IT solutions and services for private industry, public sector and other organisations.

Since start DALSEC have maintained a strong focus on IT and cyber security in our projects and digital solutions.

We are located in the province of Dalarna, Sweden, approximately two hours north of Stockholm.

Services we provide

Project Management

DALSEC provide project managers having experience from large and complex IT projects.

Software Development

DALSEC provide software development specialists with agile methods in areas of requirements management, solution architecture, software architecture, programming and testing.

IT and Cyber Security

DALSEC provide specialists that can help your organization implement balanced IT and Cyber Security policies.